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100% Pure Organic Virgin Jojoba Oil. Natural

100% Pure Organic Virgin Jojoba Oil. Natural

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Jojoba oil, known as the “Gold of the Desert” is in fact a liquid wax that can be used as an excellent, not fatty moisturizer. This unique oil comes from Sonora Desert in Southwest Arizona, USA. It is compatible with the skin due to its likeliness to the skin´s sebum and therefore it can penetrate deep into your skin like no other natural oil can do. It is extremely beneficial for oily types of skin with acne, blackheads, heat rashes, seborrhea and other problematic skin conditions. Its compatibility with the skin’s sebum tricks the skin into producing less skin oil which clogs the pores. Instead, Jojoba Oil does not clog pores but cleans them, serving as an excellent regulator and protector. The benefits of Jojoba Oil for skin care are many, like the elements of which it consists of. It has a high percentage of ceramides, substances that cover the skin’s cells and are responsible for the regulation of their hydration. That means that Jojoba Oil keeps the moist in the skin’s tissues, thus keeping the skin more elastic and resistant to aging. It is also rich in vitamin E which is potent in eliminating the free radicals that are responsible for skin’s aging. Another ingredient is linoleic acid which helps regenerating the skin’s cells. Rich in minerals and proteins, Jojoba Oil nourishes the skin deeply, softens and protects it against any damage or external alteration. It is easily absorbed, non greasy, creating a silky effect and suitable for all types of skin, even the very sensitive ones. It is mentioned also, by many women to minimize the size of the pores. GENERAL INFO: BOTANICAL NAME: Simmondsia chinensis EXTRACTION METHOD: Cold Pressed PROCESSING TYPE: Unrefined OBTAINED FROM: Seeds COLOR: Golden to brownish yellow liquid wax. COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Sonora Desert in Southwest Arizona, USA. SCENT: Jojoba Golden Carrier Oil has a pleasant, soft odor. ABSORBTION: Jojoba Golden creates a barrier but will leave a satiny finish.

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